Disposable Stainless Steel Needle Electrodes

Inexpensive, disposable stainless steel needle electrodes, designed for human use but also used by veterinary ophthalmologists as reference or ground electrodes in ERG procedures. Both the GRD-VET and the TSS models are half-inch, uncoated needles. For a premium alternative, try our platinum-iridium needles (PLAT-5PK)

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TSS Series: Subdermal Single IONM Needles, 13mm


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Sterile, disposable, single subdermal needle electrodes for intraoperative monitoring, by Technomed. For recording and stimulation. 13mm x 27 gauge uncoated stainless steel with attached lead-wire and safety sockets. Single patient use only. 3 year shelf life. (25 individually sealed needle elect...

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