Both types of markers write well on skin. The red and green (EZMRK Series) are easily washable; the purple (SURMRK Series) is STERILE (single-use) and stays on longer but is washable with soap and water. For use in EMG, NCS/NCV, EEG, ERG, IONM, or other procedures where safe, effective marking of the skin is needed.

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Green and red skin markers EZMRK
EZMRK Series: Skin Markers, Easily Removable Ink
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EZMRK Series: Skin Markers, Easily Removable Ink


  • $8.00 USD

Regular tip skin marker for marking non-surgical aesthetic, nerve conduction (NCS) or injection sites, or other general non-sterile, non-surgical markings. Easily removable ink comes off quickly with alcohol swab or soap and water. Packs of 5 or 30 reusable mini-pens (green or red).  Product #...

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